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Automation of Multi-Location Resort/Hotels

Client :
Our client, a leading player in the hospitality industry, owned and operated a chain of luxury resorts and hotels across multiple locations. Faced with the challenges of managing diverse operations, they sought the expertise of INTEK Systems Pvt. Ltd. to streamline their processes and enhance overall efficiency.


  1. Diverse Operations: Managing multiple resort locations with unique requirements and operational intricacies.
  2. Manual Processes: Reliance on manual processes leading to inefficiencies, errors, and delayed response times.
  3. Integration Issues: Existing disparate systems leading to data silos, hindering seamless communication between departments.
  4. Scalability: The need for a scalable solution to accommodate the growing business portfolio.

Solutions Provided by INTEK:

  1. Fusion POS Implementation:
    • Deployed Fusion POS to streamline point-of-sale operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient guest experience.
    • Customized software modules to align with the unique requirements of each resort, allowing for flexibility in service offerings.
  2. Fusion Inventory Management:
    • Introduced Fusion Inventory to optimize stock management across multiple locations, minimizing wastage and ensuring timely replenishment.
    • Implemented a centralized administration system for better control over purchase, stores, outlets, and accounts.
  3. Fusion Construction for Project Sites:
    • Leveraged Fusion Construction to manage inventory for warehouses and project sites, enhancing cost tracking and budget management.
    • Integrated the solution with financial accounting for real-time cost comparison and payment schedule reminders.
  4. Fusion Tracker for Enhanced Visibility:
    • Implemented Fusion Tracker for a customizable dashboard, providing a holistic view of operations across all locations.
    • Enabled unlimited notifications and document attachments, improving communication and document management.
  5. Fusion HR for Efficient Workforce Management:
    • Utilized Fusion HR to streamline HR and administration processes, including time and attendance, performance management, and training & development.
    • Incorporated Visa Management functionality to ensure compliance with local regulations.


  1. Operational Efficiency: The implementation of INTEK’s solutions significantly improved operational efficiency, reducing manual errors and delays.
  2. Unified Communication: Integration of various modules facilitated seamless communication between different departments and resort locations.
  3. Scalability: The scalable nature of the implemented solutions allowed for easy expansion as the client’s business continued to grow.
  4. Cost Savings: Efficient stock management and budget tracking led to cost savings, positively impacting the client’s bottom line.
  5. Enhanced Guest Experience: The Fusion POS system contributed to an enhanced guest experience, with quicker and more accurate service.