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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services allow organizations to store, manage, and process data on remote servers accessed via the internet. Our team of Cloud Computing Engineers and architects work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop a customized solution to meet their goals.

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High Availability and Cost-Efficient

Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

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    Cloud Migration Services

    We provide expert advice and support to help organizations migrate their existing applications and data to the cloud, taking into account security, compliance and performance requirements.

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    Cloud Infrastructure Services

    We provide a range of cloud infrastructure services, including the deployment and management of virtual servers, storage, and networking.

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    Cloud Platform Services

    We offer a range of cloud platform services, including the deployment and management of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

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    Cloud Security Services

    We provide expert advice and support to help organizations protect their cloud-based systems and data from cyber threats, including security configuration, monitoring, incident response and compliance management.

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    Cloud Cost Optimization Services

    We help clients understand the cost of their cloud services, identify cost optimization opportunities and implement strategies to reduce their cloud costs.

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    Cloud Governance Services

    We provide guidance on how to develop and implement policies, standards and procedures to govern the use of cloud services across the organization, including risk management, compliance and security.

End-to-End Cloud Computing Services

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  • Public Cloud Services

    Avail cloud resources and services, such as hardware, software, virtual machines, infrastructure, storage, and security which are controlled and operated by the cloud service provider.

  • Private Cloud Services

    Use cloud computing resources located in the on-site data center or hosted by the third-party cloud service provider. Compute resources are exclusive to the organization.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Combine public and private cloud. Highly available resources are provisioned and orchestrated based on the needs and policies of the organization.

  • Multicloud

    Distribute cloud resources such as infrastructure, hardware, data, and applications across multiple cloud computing environments, whether public or private, in a single network architecture.

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