Product Overview

Fusion Inventory

Fusion Inventory provides the complete solution to manage the materials regardless of the industry types. Inventory can be maintained for multiple warehouses and departments/outlets. This is closely integrated with the financial accounting to track the payables and inventory.

Latest Version

  • Fusion Inventory - Version 1.0

Major Modules

  • Administration
  • Purchase
  • Stores
  • Outlets
  • Costing
  • Accounts

Major Features

  • Manage Inventory for Warehouses and Departments/outlets.
  • Supports FIFO and WAM for Stock Valuation.
  • Tracking Reorder Level and Minimum Level Stocks.
  • Item Requisition from Outlets/Departments.
  • Purchase Requisition.
  • Purchase Order Generation.
  • Goods Receipt Note.
  • Cost Sheet.
  • Goods Issue to the outlets/departments.
  • Excess/Shortage/Damage.
  • Consumption.
  • Goods Return.
  • Various Stock Related Reports.
  • Consumption Analysis.
  • Document Approvals.