Product Overview

Fusion Construction

Fusion Construction is a customized inventory solution for construction industry to maintain the inventory of the warehouses and project sites. Budget can be defined for each project for each costcenter wise. Material, Labour, Equipment and Subcontractor cost can be compared with the budget to find the variance. Project can be defined with various payment schedules. Invoices can be generated based on the payment schedule and Outstanding can be tracked for the invoices.

Latest Version

  • Fusion Construction - Version 1.0

Major Features

  • Manage Inventory for Warehouses and Project Sites.
  • Cost Center wise Cost Tracking for each Project.
  • Cost Tracking for Material Consumption, Labour, Equipment Rentals and Subcontractor Job Works.
  • Bill of Material Setup for Each Project.
  • Budget Vs Actual Cost Comparision.
  • Construction Project Variance Tracking.
  • Payment Schedule Reminder.
  • Invoice and Payment Followup.
  • Integrated with Financial Accounting.